Mission, vision and goals

We work to improve peoples lives by minimising the impact of mental ill-health or a learning disability.

Values and behaviours

The values of the trust form the guiding principles and behaviours of the way we do our work.


Find out about our board of directors and council of governors.

Policies, procedures and strategies

Our policies and procedures detail the way we carry out our work

Our strategies plan for the future.

Our strategy for delivering quality

Our quality strategy for 2014-2019 sets a clear direction and outlines what the Trust expects from staff as we work towards our vision of providing excellent quality care. 

Business plan

Our business plan for 2016-2019 sets out the actions that the Trust will take over the next three years to respond to the changing circumstances within which we operate.

Strategic plan

Our strategic plan for 2014-2019 summarises the likely changes in our operating environment over the next five years. It sets out the strategy for each of our services that will ensure that TEWV remains clinically and financially sustainable.

Improving our services

Our service users and their carers are at the heart of everything we do and we are continuously working to modernise our services to better meet their individual needs.

Research and development

We aim to improve the quality of care we deliver through research.

Equality and diversity

The trust is fully committed to promoting its values of fairness, dignity and respect for others.

The 6Cs

 The 6Cs are six enduring values and behaviours that underpin 'compassion in practice', the national vision and strategy for nursing. midwifery and care staff. At TEWV we expect all our nursing and care staff to practice the 6Cs in their working lives.

Caring for the environment

We manage our activities to minimise any environmental impact and to make sure that we comply with, or exceed, relevant statutory requirements.

Our legal requirements

The licence, which is issued to foundation trusts, is a tool Monitor uses to regulate foundation trusts and other NHS-funded providers under the Health and Social Care Act 2012. It sets out the obligations providers will have to meet in order to assist  Monitor to fulfil its principal duty to protect and promote the interests of patients.

The Independent Regulator, Monitor, has provided a standardised framework or constitution that sets out the way the organisation must operate.  The trust constitution is modelled on mutals and cooperatives, with the broad parameters in legislation but the detail is defined locally.  It was developed via consultation with the public,staff, partners and stakeholders.

Bribery Act - our zero tolerance statement

Bribery is a criminal offence. Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust does not, and will not, pay bribes or offer improper inducements to anyone for any purpose; nor do we, or will we, accept bribes or improper inducements.